• Photography: Jenna Brunner.

Get the party started

By Bride and Groom 20 January 2020

Modern brides are taking inspiration from past generations when planning their pre-wedding girl-tribe gatherings.

High teas featuring tables laden with elegant crockery, sweet and savoury delicacies and sparkling wine are fast becoming the go-to events for brides-to-be.

​​​​​​But these days girls can have it all, so organising a high tea doesn’t mean forgoing a night out with drinks and dancing.

One of our brides, Rhiannon Nicholas, was guest of honour at an all-day event prior to her marriage to David Geddes.

A month before the wedding a daytime event, hosted by Rhiannon’s bridesmaid Tayla Tenace and catered by cousin Eliza Brunner, brought together aunts, cousins, mothers and friends for an afternoon of fun, laughter and chat.  

With a wall of colourful pink-toned balloons behind them and fresh flowers lining the table the scene was set for part one of a day of celebration.

“Having two events on the same day was great, the high tea allowed my aunties and mum to be involved, and then those that wanted to hopped on the bus for a night out on the town,” Rhiannon said.

“It was the perfect way to include everyone.

“Having the day a month before the wedding was good too; things weren’t so rushed so I could relax and enjoy it.”

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