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A year in review: food and drink

By Bride and Groom 24 December 2018

What is a wedding without food and drink?

Here are Bride and Groom's top ten creative ways couples have kept their guests merry during 2018.

10. Beers in a bathtub was the perfect solution to keeping the drinks chilled at this rustic wedding. 

Jay Humphreys Photography + Design

9. Doughnuts have become a wedding day stable and its not hard to see why when they look this good.

Prue Peters Photography.

8. How could you only pick one from this beautiful buffet of cupcakes?

Erica Jane Photography.

7. These picture perfect salad jars are a great alternative to a sit down dinner.

Pepperberry Photography.

6. Personalised cocktails are a great way inject personality into a wedding day.

Tamara Cadd Photography.

5. Whether they are a treat to take home, a part of a bridesmaid proposal or just part of the dessert spread personalised cookies are always a hit. 

Lisa Nardella Photography.

4. Everyone loves a midnight snack, especially when its comes from an ice cream truck.

Pepperberry Photography.

3. This doughnut wall is as punny as it is colourful. 

Fabio Oliveria.

2. This decadent dessert spread is simply stunning and ideal for a cocktail reception.

Lisa Nardella Photography.

1. Food truck dinners were one of the biggest wedding trends for 2018 and its hard to go past a burger.

Prue Peters Photography.

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