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Diary of a Bride-to-be: The countdown

By Bride and Groom 03 October 2018

We are officially on the countdown!

The last few months have gone so quickly and I only just I came to the realisation that I had been engaged for six months.

Now that is no great shock, apart from that we had not yet set a date or chosen a venue.

Since approximately 7 pm on the night we got engaged people have been asking when we were getting married.

Natasha Rogers Photography.

There were so many factors we both wanted to consider, most of all the wedding location and date.

Our lives are split across Victoria and most of the traditional 'wedding season' is now part of our farming live.

So dreams of Portsea spring weddings quickly had to be adjusted. We certainly considered every possible option of incorporating the beach in the spring, but this is about practicality.

Our wedding plans need to also represent Farmer Bob who is a passionate and dedicated crop farmer, gets excited when we both can have a day at home together and doesn't really enjoy sand.

We quickly decided that a wedding in the GV would be easier to manage with me wanting to be involved in all the aspects of planning as easily as possible.

Equally as quickly we discovered how much amazing talent and vendors there is on our region!

Natasha Rogers Photography.

The Love + Light Wedding Festival in Rutherglen was the most perfect timing and the most incredible day. 

Farmer Bob came along with both our mums and my future sister-in-laws exploring numerous venues styled by local vendors, an experience he has likened to herding a bunch of cats.

Natasha Rogers Photography.

In between this festival and the many gorgeous venues we visited we have finally found our perfect place.

Planning a winter wedding, our priority was being able to accommodate everyone indoors with enough room to dance, eat and be warm.

Accommodation was also a must have, to make sure everyone who was travelling could have affordable options that were close by to our wedding.

And lastly we wanted to have a space where we could all come together either the night before, or the morning after to celebrate and recover from a night of fun and questionable dance moves.

Everyone we have met has been so incredibly accommodating and helpful that our planning to date has been so enjoyable that I am actually a bit sad I can no longer justify spending weekends visiting gorgeous venues and chatting to all the beautiful suppliers - well for venues anyway.

Let the fun begin!

- The Bride-to-be

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