• Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Advice from behind the lens

By Bride and Groom 05 September 2018

Well after the last person has left the dance floor, it is the photos captured on a wedding day that allow everyone to relive those fleeting moments. While on location with Bride and Groom Magazine, Mickala Thomas of Pure Mac Photography shared advice to consider before your big day.

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Be yourself

For Mickala this is always her number one tip. “I see so many brides trying to be like Pinterest or be a bride by the book,” she said. “You are marrying the love of your life and they love you for you. So please be you, have fun, enjoy and bounce around.”

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Go unplugged

Today we expect everything immediately. But Mickala said waiting a few months for professional photos was worth it. “An unplugged wedding means your guests are present,” she said. “They are able to enjoy the day and share in the memories. You will be pleased to see that there aren’t dozens of people obstructing your paid photographer’s great shot, with phones and tablets.”

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Choose style over price

When booking a photographer, find someone you get along with and whose work you adore rather than solely considering the dollar amount.  “I know everyone goes straight for price,” Mickala said. “But a photographer is someone who documents your day and you want to fall in love with these images.”

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Magnetic boutonnieres

On a wedding day Mickala often finds herself pinning buttonhole flowers. “Please get magnets,” she said. “I know other wedding photographers will have a laugh at this but we become the flower placers. Pins are a pain in the backside and a waste of 20 minutes.”

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Invest in an engagement session

A pre-wedding engagement or ‘love’ session will help calm the nerves. Mickala said these were often included in a photographer’s wedding packages or offered at a discounted price. “Couples feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera on their wedding day,” she said. “I use it as a great way to get to know my clients and for them to get to know me.”

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

Expect the unexpected

Mickala has seen all the wedding day disasters you can imagine. “Everything is possible during a wedding,” she said. “Don’t worry about incidents, just laugh it off.  At the end of the day you married the love of your life.”

Mickala Thomas - Pure Mac Photography.

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