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Diary of a bride-to-be: Engagement party, necessary or narcissistic?

By Bride and Groom 11 July 2018

I am always one for a good party and always thought having an engagement party would be a no-brainer.

But when we got engaged I was having a tough time justifying a big party when we were planning to have our wedding the next year.

Luckily for me I was half considering having a party for a significant birthday with a zero attached to the end of it.

Two half considerations equal one big giant party, right?!

We decided to hold our engagement party in my home town so we could celebrate close to my family, knowing our wedding will be in the GV.

And so begun the hunt for the perfect party venue in a town where bonfires and large sheds were not an option.

It quickly became apparent for catering and drinks we would be having to paying thousands for a venue that would be big enough to hold all our guests.

We very nearly decided not to have the party when costs quickly added up but with some thinking outside the square, we came up with an incredibly fun and unforgettable night!

A local community hall was our venue of choice and a spread of all our favourite things including pizza, a grazing table and doughnuts was on the menu plus plenty of dancing was fuelled by punch.

A photo booth was a last minute addition which I am so thankful I sprung the extra dollars for.

We have so many great photos that would have otherwise not have been captured – you will notice a bit of a theme with my blogs, photos are a big thing for me!

During the planning stage, I found out very quickly that some didn’t agree with my ideas.

I was told many things; from engagement parties were selfish, that I had to supply alcohol if we were expecting gifts and that pizza and punch were not suitable options for catering for a party.

I am not one to take offence and I simply had the view that it was our night and we would do what we wanted so luckily these comments did not phase me.

They were so minor in relation to all the positive feedback, love and excitement we had received I am only sharing this experience as I know others can relate: don't let these comments effect you!

We hosted about 150 people for our party.

An extraordinary amount of our guests travelled for the weekend which made for a weekend of beautiful memories.

My sister made our grazing table, my besties helped with decorating and cake making and my dad's band provided the entertainment.

I had so many people I wanted to thank and I normally can talk for hours.

When it came time for speeches I looked at everyone in the room - I saw my niece in the arms of my bestie, my cousin propped up against Farmer Bob's best friends, and both our families and friends in the one room together.

My heart burst with so much love and joy I couldn’t help but burst into tears and cry.

This to me was why I wanted the party – to have all our favourite people together, in the same room for one big night of fun and questionable dance moves.

When we were cleaning the hall the next day, I was feeling a bit of post-party come down and told my mum that I was sad it was all over.

She laughed and said, have you forgotten the biggest party of all in 12 months time?!

The countdown is officially on now.

- The Bride-to-be

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