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Stunning seating ideas

By Bride and Groom 20 June 2018

Bridal couples can personalise every element of their wedding day, even down to directing their guests where to sit at the reception.

Couples are coming up with inventive ways, usually after hours of deliberations to finalise seating arrangements, to create an orderly chart for their guests to follow.

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Often the seating chart will embrace the overall theme of the day from formal printed lists of names to the use of timber, flowers and foliage to fit with on-trend rustic and vintage vibes.

A previous Valley Bride embellished a hoop with greenery and fairy lights to form a frame for lists of guests’ names while another used an old timber door, pegs and a sheaf of wheat in the design.

Another simple, yet effective idea, was the use of bright flowers in terracotta pots, displayed on a tiered stand alongside decorative boxes and the initials of the bride and groom.

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