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Diary of a bride-to-be: Question time

By Bride and Groom 01 May 2018

You have just wiped away the tears, tried the ring on and then had to make a lame excuse why your friends shouldn’t come over for dinner... now what?!

Well first of all for me it was discovering I also already had my wedding ring.

“Cheaper if you buy a set” (Farmer Bob's notoriously penny pinching ways shining) but also “better because it matches perfectly” (suspect this could be a sales pitch, but Bob owned it as his own).

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We then decided to start calling parents. Now, call me old fashioned but we both believed we should tell as many family and friends in person, where practical.

For me, my family being 4 hours away I was heartbroken I couldn’t surprise my family and friends in person but the wanders of FaceTime came through.

I called my mum (cried), called my dad (asked when the dowry would be transferred) and then made our way to Bob's parents where most of the family already was for another family celebration. Some squeals, hugs, kisses and champagne.

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Then... the questions. Sooo many questions!!

Have you set a date, if you don’t like port Douglas why not get married in Fiji, what colours are you thinking, church or celebrant, who can I bring to the wedding??????

Is this a thing?! Do some people actually have the answers to all these questions right away?

Bob and I had spoken about getting married and the crucial information like the song we would pick for the entrance to our reception and how cute our nephews would look in bow ties. But dates and places?! No way.

My beautiful ring was just a touch too small and had to be taken back to the jewellers so we made that trip first thing the next day.

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My mum arrived with bottles of champagne a plenty and we celebrated for the rest of the weekend. And all through, the million more questions.

Who is in your bridal party? Where is the wedding? Sit down or cocktail? Will you have an engagement party? Would you like a present or cash for a gift?

I was so flattered and so excited that everyone was so happy and supportive but the only decision we had made 12 hours into engaged life was that I definitely needed a manicure.

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I don’t know if Bob reading this will realise what a roller coaster he is in for, but I get so overwhelmed by choice. I’m the girl who has last minute panic attacks at a restaurant and then order the same old boring calamari dish or will walk out of MAC with no lipstick because there was too many shades of coral pink to choose from.

But my wedding, only time will tell... or will it, can someone else do this for me? Oh heck I don’t know - stay tuned!

- A bride-to-be

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