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Summer wedding heat relief

By Bride and Groom 31 January 2018

There is one thing you cannot rely on when planning your wedding - the weather. 

With the mercury sometimes reaching above 40°C in summer, extra precautions should be taken when organising your big day. 

Summer survival tips

Beverages: If the wedding ceremony is outside and lengthy, provide hydration for the guests. Go one step further and customise a bottle label with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. 

Food: If alcohol is provided on the day, ensure there is plenty of food. Drinking on an empty stomach in the sun is a bad combination. 

Venues: Summer is wedding season, so venues should be booked well in advance. When making the booking ensure the venue has a wet-day option in case it rains. For couples tying the knot outside, ask about shade too. An ideal day for a photographer is overcast. However, consult with the photographer in advance to have shaded locations planned, which will counteract bright sunlight. 

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Time of day: Avoiding the heat of the day will create a more pleasant wedding experience for all involved. The hours between 2 pm and 5 pm are the hottest, so a noon or evening ceremony is often a better choice. 

Heat relief: There are a few clever ways to provide heat relief for wedding guests: including keeping face washers in an esky, or turning the order-of-service booklet into a paddle fan. 

Dress code: Finding the right dress code to suit men and women is a catch-22 situation. In winter, the women freeze and the men are fine, while in summer the women are fine and the men are sweating because they are in the sun in full suits. However, in the case of a formal dress code, suit jackets can come off once the ceremony is over.

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