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Something old, something new…

By Alana Christensen 24 January 2018

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

It’s a checklist that many brides have ticked off at their wedding, ensuring they have every little piece before they walk down the aisle.

We can thank an old English rhyme for this particular wedding tradition, which holds a deeper meaning than  most know.

Representing continuity with the past, something old is often the perfect opportunity for brides to wear some much loved family heirlooms from their mother or grandmother on their special day.

As many brides decide to forego their mother’s wedding dress, the something new element is normally well covered by their own brand new wedding dress, representing optimism for the future.

A borrowed memento signifies borrowed happiness, the perfect opportunity to borrow something from a cherished love one, while the blue signifies purity, love and fidelity.

For those wanting to stay true to the British rhyme, a sixpence in your shoe will promote good fortune and prosperity, though hopefully not at the cost of a comfortable walk down the aisle!

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Lisa Nardella Photography.
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