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Catering the crowd

By Alana Christensen 22 January 2018

Catering can be one of the most expensive parts of planning a wedding. 

Feeding your guests can be a complicated equation of quality, affordability and convenience.

But how will you cater for your guests?

Rewind 20 years and there was almost no question that a wedding would be followed by a sit down reception.

These days as weddings become more relaxed and individualised there’s a number of different options available, with cocktail style food and food trucks becoming increasingly popular. 

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Sit down dinner

A traditional sit down dinner lends an air of formality to your day. 

When it comes to your budget a sit down dinner can be a smarter option as you’ll be able to calculate exactly how many meals and how much food will be needed. 

Guests are all able to be served at the same time meaning you can ensure no one misses out on food.

However, it takes a lot of staff to make a sit down dinner work smoothly and this could lead to higher staffing costs.

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Cocktail reception

An increasingly popular trend, cocktail-style receptions featuring hor d’oeuvres, food trucks or self serve platters create a more relaxed reception style.

Ideal for small venues, cocktail receptions do away with large tables and chairs, meaning there’s more room to move. 

Typically shorter than a sit down dinner, cocktail receptions tend to encourage mingling, ensuring the bride and groom are able to see more of their guests throughout the evening.

However, keep in mind that some guests may be expecting a full meal at your wedding so make sure invitations are clear so they’re not disappointed by the smaller portions.

Also, with so many people on their feet it’s important to consider how well your guests will be able to see events like speeches and the first dance.

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