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Decoding jewellery jargon

By Alana Christensen 12 January 2018

Walking into a jewellery store can be overwhelming enough, let alone having to decode the accompanying jargon.

From the four Cs to wedding bands, diamond shapes and qualities, deciphering what each word means is key to making sure the bride-to-be ends up with the ring of her dreams.

The Four C’s

Cut refers to how light travels through the stone as well as the proportions of the stone, facet angles, finish and shape.

Colour measures the amount of body colour or tint in a diamond on a scale from colourless to yellow/brown or grey.

Clarity measures the amount or absence of blemishes on a diamond and ranges from flawless to included or imperfect.

Carat measures the diamond weight and can range from small fractions of a carat to several carats.


Round Davidson-609 – Lisa Nardella Photography

This versatile cut has been a favourite of brides-to-be for decades, offering a classic and simple diamond that shines whether on its own or surrounded by side diamonds.

Consisting of 58 facets, a round diamond is designed to truly sparkle, ensuring a glimmer each time you gaze down at this stunning cut.

Love By Shae Photography.

A modern twist on a traditional favourite, princess cut rings bring together sleek clean angles whilst still delivering all the sparkle a woman could desire.

The perfect mix of modern and traditional, the princess ring ensures that the wearer can enjoy the best of both the past and the present.

Lisa Nardella Photography. 

Perfect for the bride who hasn’t fully fallen in love with a round diamond, oval diamonds’ elongated shape offers an elegant solution.

Able to be cut with the same number of facets as a round diamond, there’s no compromise on the sparkle whilst also ensuring shorter fingers look longer.

Lisa Nardella Photography. 

Oozing 1920s elegance, the cushion cut diamond delivers a similar shape to the round diamond whilst offering a more distinctive impact.

A romantic cut, cushion diamonds deliver stunning impact on their own or alongside smaller diamonds.

Jay Humphreys Photography. 

With a rounded and pointed end the pear, or teardrop, diamond can be worn facing either way with each delivering a unique look.

Often set in a halo, pear shaped diamonds offer a truly unique shape that will keep well-wishers reaching for your hand for a second look at your beautiful ring.


Inspired by the majestic green gemstone that shares its namesake, emerald cut diamonds deliver an elongated shape the draw all eyes to the clarity of the diamond.

An ideal choice for those who don’t desire too much sparkle in their life, emerald diamonds deliver a touch of individuality, drama and vintage flair to any woman’s ring finger.

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