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White weddings

By Alana Christensen 10 January 2018

Looking at weddings today you’d never realise that white bridesmaids’ dresses were once in vogue.

Previously, bridesmaids originally played the role of protecting the bride from evil spirits. 

Throughout history bridesmaids were instructed to dress in white as a way to confuse spirits who wished to bring harm. 

This longstanding tradition inspired Valley Bride Sharne Milne to choose white for her bridesmaids’ dresses.

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“Hopefully there were no devils looking for me, but I like how that was what it was like many years ago,” she said.

“I always wanted them to choose their own dresses and white fit perfectly to do that. As all of my beautiful ladies were all different shapes and sizes I wanted them to wear something that they would feel 100% comfortable in and I honestly couldn’t have been happier with what they chose.”

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For Valley Bride Sarah Kalafatis, dressing her bridesmaids and flower girls in white fit perfectly with her classic theme. 

Sarah's bridesmaids' dresses complemented the white decor and were the perfect way to pull the day together. 

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