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A year in review: bonbonnieres

By Bride and Groom 22 December 2017

They may be little but bonbonnieres sure can make a statement, and as a part of Bride and Groom’s year in review journalists Jessica and Alana share their favourites.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bonbonniere, creativity is key.

A handmade gift from the heart or a little something meaningful to the bride and groom is a great way to thank the guests for coming.

In 2017, Goulburn Valley brides and grooms have been thinking outside of the box, opting for favours with a personal touch.

Jessica’s top bonbonnieres

For Valley Bride Tanya Jolley and her husband Richard Barry giving the gift of succulents meant their guests will be able to watch their love continue to grow.

Leticia Lopes Photography.

Edible bonbonnieres are always a crowd please and in a fun twist, Valley Bride Laura Thomson and her beau Sam Bowmaker placed a small bag of popcorn at each dinner setting.

Nicole William Photography.

It’s hard to pass up homemade jams, chutneys and other delicious goodies like those made by Valley Bride Melissa Beaton and her husband Josh Doxey.

Amina Barolli Photography.

Alana’s top bonbonnieres

In memory of their relaxed spring wedding, Valley Bride Malinda Randall and her husband Ashley Round organised personalised bottles of olive oil from local producer Kewstoke Olive Estate in Kaarimba for their guests to keep the memories of their day alive.

Lisa Nardella Photography.

Valley Bride Rachel Morgan and Evan Pyle ensured that no one would forget their wedding day, gifting guests with a delicious bag of personalized M&Ms featuring their wedding date and even an image of the happy couple.

Liz Arcus Photography.

Tea lovers were in luck with Valley Bride Morgan McLeod and husband Brad Kennedy unique bonbonniere, with vials of chai tea and heart shaped infusers a welcomed keepsake.

The Art of Zowie Photography.

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