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Words of wisdom

By Bride and Groom 08 December 2017

Weddings are wonderful, but they can at times be an overwhelming experience.

If you’re starting to plan your wedding, on the verge of tying the knot or just wondering what on earth you might be in for, you’re in luck.

Having been through the experience themselves, our Valley Brides have passed on a few words of wisdom for future brides and grooms. 

Have a read of some of their tips and tricks for how they kept calm and ensured it was smooth sailing until they said ‘I do’.

Lisa Nardella Photography.

“As we did all of the styling and set up ourselves, we needed to be super organised. Delegating jobs for family and friends to do the day before and day of the wedding, definitely took the stress off Liam and I.” – Valley Bride Kara Thomas

Ginger & Mint Photography.

“You are relying on a lot of other people for your day to run smoothly, unfortunately things do go wrong. When these things do happen don't dwell on it, because it will ruin your day. Take it in your stride keep an open mind and come up with a solution if needed. Your guests won’t even notice or it won’t have any effect on their night.” – Valley Bride Jackie Graham

Lisa Nardella Photography. 

“Use local suppliers to make your wedding planning easier. I was so thankful I didn’t have to trip back and forth to Melbourne in the lead up to the wedding, it meant I had more time to add to the little details like a ‘lemonade stand’ drink station at the ceremony!” – Valley Bride Breeanna Hicks

Nicole Williams Photography. 

“Enjoy your day and do what makes you happy. Don't worry about what other people might say or think as long as you and your partner enjoy the day. And ask your partner what they might want as well!” – Valley Bride Bridget Curtis

John Mitchell Photography.

“Be decisive! Stop dithering and just make a decision- then you can tick it off your list! I had heaps of lists and I had very, very few stressed out moments because I knew that once something was ticked off, it was all taken care of.” – Valley Brice Amanda Tharratt

Lisa Nardella Photography. 

“Don't stress! All the hard work and planning is done. Relax and enjoy the day! And wear comfortable shoes!” – Valley Bride Alison Harris

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