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Continuing the celebrations in style

By Jessica Ball 07 December 2017

Why not turn your nuptials into a weekend long celebration with a post wedding event?

For most, it’s not often that you get all your friends and family all in one spot, so don’t let the good times draw to a close after the last dance.

Instead consider hosting a post-wedding brunch or barbecue the morning after the big day.

These events are an opportunity to thank anyone you may have missed, spend quality time with family and out of town guests and unwind after the blur of a wedding day.

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You can choose to include a separate card with your invitation with the post-event details or for a more casual approach incorporate the invite into the reception speeches.

While you could opt to host an event at a restaurant, winery or café to take the stress out of catering, you could also consider relaxing at home or sharing a picnic at a nearby garden or park.

A low key approach will give guests a chance to drop in when it suits them and hit the road home when they need to.

The Art of Zowie Photography.

You can go as intricate or as simple as you want when it comes to food and drink.

Ideas include bacon and egg muffins, pancakes, fruit muffins, waffles, a barbecue with a selection of meat and salads or even a food truck.

When it comes to the drinks, mimosas may go down a treat but coffee and water are a must.

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