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The benefits of faux flowers

By Jessica Ball 06 December 2017

From  bouquets to floral centerpieces, flowers can quickly make a dent in any wedding budget, only to wilt away in the days following.

There is no denying they play an important role in wedding décor and while for some there is no substitute to real blooms, for others faux flowers tick all the boxes. 

For a more practical and economical choice, fake it till you make it.

No matter what exotic bloom you are after, artificial flowers are always in season and available in a wealth of colours.

Using faux flowers means you can make your own floral arrangements right down to the boutonnieres in the lead up to the big day without the last minute stress.

They will not wilt in hot weather, do not have to be kept in water and can become an everlasting memento of the nuptials for the couple and their friends.

These unscented blooms are also ideal for a bridal party with allergies.

Pure Mac Photography.
Pure Mac Photography.
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