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Photos to last a lifetime

By Alana Christensen 01 December 2017

When it comes to weddings they say it’s all about location, location, location.

And when it comes to photos to capture the special day, it’s no exception.

From rolling hills and expansive paddocks to the Dookie quarry, the Goulburn Valley holds endless opportunities for breath taking wedding photos.

Yet for some couples, a destination wedding ends up being the perfect fit, producing unique and breathtaking images to go with their incredible day.

This was the case with Valley Bride Stephanie Bell and her groom Dale McNair at their 2016 wedding.

“In late 2015 we were beginning to plan a normal wedding, as well as a holiday to New Zealand, when I came across some heli-wedding photos online,” Stephanie said.

“I sent those to Dale and joked that we should do it – then we actually did!”

And thus, a wedding on the spectacular snow-topped mountains in Queenstown was planned.

Nicole Williams Photography. 

“I remember thinking how lucky I was to be getting married at what would be one of the most amazing places I would ever visit in my life,” Stephanie said.

For those who enjoy having a wedding in their home town, each photo is an opportunity to capture a treasured memory from their journey.

For Valley Bride Tamara Fry and her husband Nathan Hayes, their wedding photos were a chance to relive their history.

From the home they live in on the outskirts of Mooroopna where the couple embraced in front of the camera, to where they first met at a local bakery in town, the couple’s pictures were a journey and a personal reminder of how far they’d come to ultimately reach their wedding day.

Doux Wedding Corp.
Doux Wedding Corp. 

After travelling from the ceremony in Kialla to Dookie for the reception, Valley Bride Kathryn Bartlett and her groom Jake Hauwert made the most of their surrounds for the pictures of their 2016 wedding.

With the Dookie quarry as a back drop, the couple and their bridal party captured spectacular photos with the unique and raw landscape as their inspiration.

Nicole Williams Photography. 

A setting sun over the vast paddock was the perfect finish to their wedding day and a reminder of the beautiful love they share, a moment that will be captured on film forever.

Nicole Williams Photography. 

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