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Wedding wheels

By Bride and Groom 17 November 2017

In the midst of wedding planning, transportation is often either on the top of the list or easily overlooked.

Whether you’re a car fanatic who has always dreamed of arriving in a Rolls Royce or someone who doesn’t know the difference between a Mustang and Bentley; the wedding vehicles should be organised three months out from the big day.

After all, they do ensure the bridal party gets from A to B in style, safely and hopefully without a break down.

Vintage vehicles

Adding a touch of class and glamour, an old school ride is one of the most popular choices for wedding day transportation.

There are plenty of options for hiring vintage vehicles but why not use a car that is meaningful to the family, like Valley Bride Zoe did.

Her father spent eight years building a 1928 A model Ford Pickup Hot Rod from the ground up and proudly drove her to her nuptials to Hayden.

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A Cinderella moment

Arriving to your wedding in a horse-drawn carriage is something straight out of a fairy tale.

With an air of old world romance and a dash of elegance it will make you feel like a real life princess.

For Valley Bride Dani, who grew up on a farm surrounded by animals, a horse and cart was the perfect addition to her wedding to Chris.

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Retro charm

Kombi vans are not only a great way to transport a number of people in the one vehicle; they can also add a burst of colour to a relaxed wedding day.

The contrast of their iconic brightly painted exteriors and the white of a gown can make for stunning photos.

Valley Bride Lisa opted for a canary yellow while Valley Bride Sharne went with a bold blue.

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Speed machine

While motorbikes may not be practical if you’re wearing a princess gown there is no reason the groom cannot have a bit of fun.

For the motorbike enthusiast it is easy to let your personality shine through by arriving to the ceremony on two wheels.

Just as his father before him, Valley Groom Tyson and his groomsmen arrived on Harley Davinson Motor Cycles. 

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