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Carry rings in style

By Alana Christensen 15 November 2017

Whether they’re in the hands of your best man or an adorable ring bearer, ensuring the wedding rings get to the end of the aisle is serious business.

Gone are the days of simply placing them on a pillow or in a wedding purse, with couples looking for fun and memorable ways to carry the wedding rings down the aisle. 

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Valley Bride Jackie and her husband Johnny ensured there was a personal touch to their ring box, with the bride’s father creating a handcrafted wooden ring box engraved with the happy couple’s names and wedding date to be carried down the aisle.

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Rustic wooden boxes have been a favourite of Valley Brides in recent wedding seasons, with handmade carvings or whimsical Scrabble tiles personal favourites for the bride and groom looking to personalise their wedding rings’ journey down the aisle.

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When it comes to ensuring your wedding rings arrive at the end of the aisle, placing them in the hands of a young ring bearer can be a scary thought.

But Valley Bride Zoe and her husband Hayden came up with an adorable and secure solution, tying their wedding rings to a love heart shaped black board to ensure they were front and centre as the young ring bearer made his way down the aisle towards the happy couple.  

Leticia Lopes Photography.

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