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Let’s get the party started

By Jessica Ball 26 October 2017

Planning a hen’s party or bridal shower is one of a bridesmaid’s most important yet daunting duties.

As a first time bridesmaid and having only been to a handful of pre-wedding festivities myself, I didn’t know where to start.

Endless scrolling through Pinterest ensued while a devil and an angel sat on my shoulders debating the need for X-rated entertainment.

I quickly realised it wasn’t about what I would prefer but crafting an unforgettable event for the bride-to-be.

Without ruining the element of surprise I decided to ask the hard questions.

Date? Numbers? Location? Entertainment?

Together we’ve jet-setted to Sydney for a hen’s weekend of debauchery and enjoyed a kitchen tea complete with wine tasting and an old school sleep over.

Nicole Taranto Photography.

Both of these parties were a Cinderella’s slipper fit for the guest of honour, but for the bride-to-be the perfect mix is somewhere in the middle.

We decided to incorporate an element for all the important women in her life – the mother-of-the-bride, her future mother-in-law, aunts and grandma – without an unsolicited meeting with a good looking ‘policeman’.

I can’t give too much away but the plan is to celebrate not only the bride but her passion for baking: think macaroons, cupcakes and finger sandwiches.

Afterwards the Miss will have a chance to let her hair down before she becomes a Mrs with small group of close friends.

The planning is now well underway and if we pull it off it should be a weekend that epitomises the leading lady.

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