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Charming children

By Bride and Groom 12 October 2017

Flower girls and page boys are wedding traditions that have stood the test of time. 

As many modern couples opt to throw out the rule book, these roles remain the perfect way to involve the special children in their life on their big day.

Once a symbol of fertility and everlasting love flower girls traditionally scattered herbs, wheat or rose petals down the aisle, while page boys carried the bride’s train or presented the rings.

Today these little ladies and dapper dudes’ involvement is more symbolic of the relationship they share with the bride and groom.

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Flower petals may never go out of style, however this tradition can be updated to complement any wedding style.

From blowing bubbles or throwing confetti, to carrying a wand or a sign, there are plenty of options.

Despite their unpredictability and the risk of stage fright and tears, these little loved ones are sure to bring a smile to your guests.

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