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If the shoe fits

By Bride and Groom 27 September 2017

After finding the dream dress and picking the perfect shoes to match, all the hard work is done right?

Not so fast. Now is the time to wear those babies in.

Do not let blistering toes and aching feet stop you from hitting the dance floor on your big day.

Instead celebrate your nuptials pain free by following these simple tips:

  1. Wear your shoes in short bursts in the lead up to your wedding day. Start with a quick 10 minute walk around the house and then increase by 10 minute intervals every couple of days.
  2. To stretch out the shoe’s frame, try wearing them with thick socks. There is no need for heavy walking, just squeeze your foot in.
  3. If slippery soles provide a problem, use sandpaper to roughen up the bottoms for better grip.
  4. Do not forget to pack some blister cushions or adhesive bandages in your wedding day emergency kit just in case.
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