• Late night snacks at weddings, why aren't we seeing this more?

Steering away from tradition: late night treats

By Bride and Groom 27 September 2017

Food is such a big part of any wedding day. It can really make or break the mood of your guests.

Traditionally, we see the three-course meal, maybe some hors d'oeuvres at the beginning and a little bit of wedding cake to take with you for the tired car trip home. 

When taking a look online, we noticed an interesting new food trend; the late-night or midnight snack. 

What a genius idea! After a couple of hours of dancing and drinking there is nothing you want more than a little treat to keep your energy up.

Crispy bacon drizzled with chocolate. who would've thought! (Pinterest)

It seems the treats range from bacon to biscuits, but really there is no limit to what you can do! Simply put yourself in your guests shoes and think about the type of late night snacks you enjoy

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