• Could food-inspired bouquets be an emerging trend? (Scoopla)

Steering away from tradition: beautiful bouquet of doughnuts

By Ashlea Witoslawski 15 September 2017

We're seeing brides move further away from traditional wedding celebrations and embrace quirky and eccentric trends. 

This week, images from the wedding of a NSW bride emerged with a delectable new potential trend. 

The bridal party sported beautiful, white bouquets, filled with donuts. 

The bride told Pedestrian that the bouquets were just one way her and her husband aimed to make their wedding day fun!

The bridal party. (hit.com.au)
The bridal party with their bouquets. (Scoopla)

The bouquets were even a surprise to her bridesmaids, who received them just minutes before walking down the aisle. 

Could we see a trend of more edible arrangements appearing? 

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