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Decision time

By Alana Christensen 13 September 2017

When putting together the latest edition of Bride and Groom, we decided to help arm local brides with a clear and succinct checklist.

Acting as a play by play of tasks and timelines, the list is designed to hopefully ensure a stress free wedding for Goulburn Valley brides.

For me it had the opposite effect.

Looking through the list I couldn’t help but mentally tick off the number of things my friend, who I’ve now affectionately dubbed the bridechilla for her calm demeanour in the face of a long to do list, still had to do.

Goal posts had passed us by, as tasks I was being told should be completed six months prior to the wedding were still weeks from being decided, with just a couple of months until the big day.

Despite stressed out pleas from myself and other bridesmaids, our friend remained as calm and collected as ever, an attitude that has been perfected over years of pulling off massive tasks right at the perfect time.

We nagged about invitations, cars, flowers, cakes and everything in between. Feeling much like a caricature of a frantic mother of the bride that I’d so often seen in movies and televisions, it was to no avail.

Yet whilst myself and the other bridesmaids pestered, inquired and pushed, something had begun to happen.

Quietly decisions had begun to be made and the list dwindled, as questions about the wedding were now met with excited answers - much to my own relief.

Now less than two months away from the big day, the bride-to-be has powered through her to do list, ticking items off left, right and centre with efficiency that only an impending deadline can bring.

Whilst for a fleeting moment I may have doubted whether all the little decisions could be pulled off in time, there’s now no doubt that on that on a Saturday afternoon in November there will be a wedding, and it will be beautiful.

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