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The hunt for bridesmaids’ dresses

By Alana Christensen 25 August 2017

If you’re a frequent watcher of Hollywood movies you’ve no doubt seen a bridesmaid’s nightmare.

From the peach toned dress that blends everything together in a sea of beige to the bridesmaid’s dress whose ruffles consume any poor soul completely, it’s no wonder bridesmaids have been instilled with such a fear over what dress they will ultimately be tasked with wearing.

With a six bridesmaids to dress, my best friend’s wedding was overflowing with varying heights, body shapes and styles to contend with.

Considering a dress that was floor length on one bridesmaid would cut me eight inches above my ankle, it was a tall task (literally) to accommodate us all.

Thus, one Saturday morning, with brunch and a wedding dress appointment already under our belts, myself, the bride-to-be and three of the other bridesmaids found ourselves traipsing up and down Chapel Street, entering any shop we came across in search of our bridesmaid’s dresses.

Through good old fashioned pounding the pavement we came across many with potential and a handful of ‘almosts’ and many, many dresses that left much to be desired.

From the off the shoulder dress that rendered my arms useless, leaving me looking much like a tyrannosaurus rex as I attempted to imitate any dance moves, to the dress that would only be flattering on a supermodel, it was an exhausting experience.

Ultimately we took our under caffeinated souls to rest our aching feet and recharge in a cafe, resolving to try again in a couple of weeks.

I feared we’d never find the ‘perfect’ dress that delivered everything the bride wanted; including making sure we all looked our best.

Yet, following another wedding dress appointment a few weeks later, a last minute decision to walk into Zimmermann in Armadale saw all our prayers be answered.

It was the perfect dress, bringing together a unique olive hue and offering the slip dress style the bride-to-be had coveted, yet with enough fit and detail to flatter every single frame.  

By some miracle there were six dresses in the state in the assortment of sizes that each of us required and thus, our bridesmaids dress woes were over and we could strike at least one thing from our list.

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