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The modern groom

By Jessica Ball 21 August 2017

While all eyes are on the bride as she walks down the aisle, grooms are also having their moment in the spotlight.

More often than not the leading man and his groomsmen are throwing out the rule book when it comes to formal wear.

Something blue

Navy suits may be a wardrobe staple, but they are making resurgence with a fresh, modern twist.

From vivid shades to a more subtle almost-navy, this ‘something blue’ not only brings good luck but adds a chic splash of colour.

Match with brown or tan shoes for a dapper take on formal wear.   

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Popping patterns

The fashion forward groom can add a pop of personality with patterns.

Whether it is accent tie or pocket square, or making a statement with a stylish shirt let the groom’s individually shine.

With florals, plaids, dots and stripes there are plenty of ways to incorporate a unique touch with polish.

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Keep it casual

Many couples are taking a more relaxed approach to their wedding day and groomsmen attire is following suit.

A casual look is often more fitting for trending informal wedding locations and carefree celebrations.

Traditional ties and jackets are getting the flick in exchange for open collars while easygoing shirts and pants options round out a laid-back outfit. 

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Traditional tailoring

While trends may come and go, the classics never go out of fashion.

Donning a sharp black suit is a timeless choice for the sophisticated groom and heightens the formality to the all-important wedding day.

A simple two piece suit is striking option while adding a vest creates a more refined look.

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