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Diary of a bridesmaid

By Alana Christensen 18 August 2017

With a latte in my hand, a fully charged phone ready to take photos at a moment’s notice and a pair of comfortable shoes on, my best friend, the other bridesmaids and I marched forth into the belly of the beast – a wedding dress shop.

Having spent hours dedicating myself to my bridesmaids duties and poring over Pinterest, casting an eye over dozens of magazines and nudging the bride-to-be anytime a wedding dress appeared on a television, billboard or social media post, we had prepared for this day.

Yet, despite best efforts, although we had surveyed all options, and I’d grilled my best friend profusely about the style of dress she wanted, we entered that first store with nothing more than a vague idea of what we were looking for.

In that moment I envied the brides that were so focused and clear in what they wanted that they were bound to find the dream dress, as they cast their eyes over each dress with a determined glint in their eye.

Alas, for us it was not to be. A handful of dresses, each varied in their style and fit, and we were no closer to finding the perfect dress.

With a bunch of lukewarm responses, more questions than answers, and a sense we were slightly overwhelmed, we left the store and made the toughest decision of the day – where to eat brunch.

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