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Will you be my bridesmaid?

By Alana Christensen 01 August 2017

Now that your fiancé has popped the question, it’s time for you to ask your best friends one of your own.

They’ll be by your side through the happiest of wedding times and the most stressful, so it is only fair that they have a fairytale moment of their own.  

While some friends are thrilled just to receive the request, there is plenty of opportunity to bring some fanfare to popping the “big question” of asking your best friends to bridesmaids.

Fun and flair

Pop the question with fanfare – by presenting the bridesmaids-to-be with a simple ring in a faux-engagement ring box. Or opt for another piece of jewellery that you know they will love and can keep forever to mark the special occasion.  

Make it delicious

Don’t discount your best friends’ tipple of choice – as there are ways of taking their love for coffee or a glass of bubbly and turning it into a customised proposal. 

For another tasty treat, consider creating special fortune cookies that when cracked open reveal a sweet note with your special request.

Say it with words

Sometimes there is nothing better than a thoughtful card with some heart-felt words.

Tell each of your bridesmaids what they mean to you, and how important it is to have them by your side on your special day, and they will cherish this hand-written memento forever.

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