Taking the professional approach to a heavenly honeymoon

By Bride and Groom 27 July 2017

After the formalities comes the fun.

And the easiest way to make the whole thing as easy as possible is to engage the professionals to do all the planning on your behalf.

Which is exactly what newlyweds Alex and Luke Henson did.

After the stress of organising a wedding, there is nothing better than heading off on a carefree, relaxing honeymoon.

For Alex and Luke Henson their month-long sojourn through the US was made so simple by the team at Echuca Travel Centre, which did the hard work organising the details and transfers – all the couple had to do was follow their itinerary.

“We had such a well-organised honeymoon that ran so smoothly. Echuca Travel Centre did everything for us because we didn’t know where to start or what to do – hotels, transfers and flights they did it all and it was great,” Alex said.

Their first stop was a four-night stay in Vegas which they absolutely loved.

Their stopover included a Celine Dion concert which the couple enjoyed much to their surprise and a trip to the Grand Canyon.

“The Grand Canyon was amazing and the whole experience was fantastic. We flew over the top of the canyon, took a helicopter ride down to the bottom and a boat trip along the water. The helicopter flew us back to the top and then we took a bus ride to three of the lookouts.

“It was a jam packed day but it was great, and even better that everything was organised for us.”

Luke is an avid sports fan and he particularly loves American sport.

The couple took in a few basketball games in different locations while they were there, along with a football game in Phoenix.

The couple also decided to visit Nashville for something a bit different.

“We hit the pubs in Nashville which were just amazing – the whole street had live music playing in every pub and while we aren’t exactly the biggest country music fans we still really enjoyed it. We also visited the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash museum.”

Next stop was Washington where the couple visited all the major landmarks including the White House and Natural History Museum.

The couple then headed off to New York which Alex said was the absolute highlight of their honeymoon.

“New York was our absolute favorite and we could have spent longer than five days there. There was just so much to see and do and we spent one whole day just exploring Central Park. We saw a musical on Broadway and managed to master the subway and we also took in another basketball game.

“We walked around Times Square and out to Brooklyn which was about 20kms that day – we didn’t want to take a taxi and miss out on seeing anything.”

The couple had a relaxing four-day stop in Hawaii on their way home leg of their honeymoon, snorkelling, swimming, riding catamarans and making the most of the beautiful weather before they made it home in time for Christmas.

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