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Iconic wedding dress: Elizabeth Taylor

By Bride and Groom 13 July 2017

It was the Hollywood 'wedding of weddings' when Elizabeth Taylor married her first husband, hotelier Conrad 'Nicky' Hilton Jr, wearing 25 m of exquisitely decorated shell-white satin.

Embellished with bugle beads and seed pearls, and trailed by a 15 m satin train, the dress was exactly the kind of glamour and elegance you would have expected from Taylor's May 6, 1950, wedding.

The dress was designed by the legendary costume designer Helen Rose, who is also famed for designing the wedding dress for Princess Grace of Monaco, and was a gift from MGM, whom Taylor was signed with. 

The dress construction was such an extensive project that more than 15 people worked full-time on it for two to three months.

Custom-designed for Taylor's hourglass figure, the dress featured a built-in corset which highlighted her already tiny waistline. 

The veil itself was a showstopper with 10 m of shimmering silk net floating downwards from her pearl-covered Juliet cap.

Information sourced from the official website for Christie's auction house in London at www.christies.com

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