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Positively blooming

By Alana Christensen 30 June 2017

On the surface, many bridal bouquets look effortlessly beautiful and match perfectly to the wedding.

But behind every petal is much careful consideration to ensure everything is just so.

With a few clever tips you too can ensure your bouquet makes you shine, while remaining on budget.

Meet with your florist

After you have gathered your top bouquet inspiration pics from your favourite magazine – take your ideas in to show to the florist.

These wonderful people are the experts; able to understand your vision and help to bring it to fruition.

Make sure you are open to any ideas they may offer, as you might be surprised by what flowers you end up loving and end up with a bouquet even better than you ever imagined.

Discuss cost

Flowers can quickly eat up a large portion of the wedding budget, so be realistic when making decisions.

Keep in mind how much you are willing to spend and make sure you discuss this with your florist - so you don’t end up paying for expensive flowers when you want to spend modestly in this area.

Seasonal charm

An easy way to save money can be to buy flowers that are in season and grown locally. This will cut back import and transport costs, and native flowers can add a beautiful and unexpected pop to your bouquet too.

Consider the big picture

By the time you are planning bouquets it is likely that you will have already booked the venue, either purchased or short-listed the bridesmaids’ dresses, and have worked out the overall colour scheme.

Make sure you keep all of this in mind when choosing flower colours and types, to ensure everything fits together. 

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