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Entertaining is child's play

By Bride and Groom 29 June 2017

Cocktail hour can be much more than just drinks and canapés. 

Rather than leaving your guests to twiddle their thumbs while the wedding party disappears for photographs, why not add a touch of childhood nostalgia to the day with lawn games? 

They can be the perfect addition to an outdoor wedding, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere and flow between the ceremony and reception. 

That’s exactly what Stacey and Kodey Hodge decided to do when they tied the knot in a surprise wedding last April. 

Giant Jenga and a personalised ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ bean bag toss game complemented the garden party vibe. 

Stacey and Kodey wanted to include lawn games to entertain their guests while they were busy capturing the perfect shot, but Stacey said the fun continued well into the evening. 

“It was a pretty casual outdoor party, not a formal wedding,” Stacey said. 

“Everyone seemed to enjoy the games and it was good for the younger kids.” 

On-trend lawn games had friends and family laughing and mingling in no time, Joe Martiniello from Jenjo Games said. 

“It’s just a great way to bring people together at any event,” Joe said. 

“People can have a beer and play a game, or kids can be entertained while their parents are chatting. 

“It’s an activity that makes sure people don’t get bored while the bride and groom are off getting photos. 

“After all, no-one likes a boring wedding.” 

Crowd favourites like giant Jenga, naughts and crosses, chess, Connect Four, cornhole and bocce take adults back to their childhood and can keep youngsters busy for hours on end. 

For weddings, Joe suggests selecting well-known games because everyone already knows the rules. 

“People like doing what they grew up doing,” he said. 

“There’s a game for everyone.” 

For more unusual games like rollers, kubb and scatters, it is a good idea to include rule cards, or have a responsible guest man the games station to explain how to play.

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