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Veil decisions

By Bride and Groom 21 June 2017

Whether it’s the dramatic Princess Diana inspired cathedral length or a fun and simplistic 50s inspired birdcage style, there’s no denying a veil adds an injection of personality to any wedding gown.

With many lengths, thicknesses and colours to decide between, the delicate netting can create its own kind of headache and given the number of decisions involved in a wedding, it’s important to make one thing as simple as possible.


When attending your first dress fitting, take the time to try on veils of differing lengths until you find the one that works for you.

Birdcage, flyaway and elbow length veils offer a retro look and a throwback to decades past and can be the perfect for more informal and non-traditional weddings.

Whilst the drama of waltz, chapel and cathedral veils are reminiscent of grand weddings in traditional churches and are sure to grab everyone’s attention as you walk down the aisle.

When trying on veils consider what length will work best with your dress, but also your overall wedding, you might find that a cathedral or chapel length veil doesn’t work outside or at a beach, especially if the wind kicks up.


Putting together your look is all about the balance so take note of what works with your dress and style when selecting your veil. As a general rule of thumb, embellished and more intricate dresses benefit from simpler veils whereas simple, streamline gowns allow you to take a few more chances and explore your veil options further whilst still keeping the overall look balanced.

If you decide to embellish your veil to follow the theme of your dress, give some thought to the size and style that would complement and work with your wedding dress, rather than against.

When picking the thickness or style of your veil, think about your dress and any details you want to showcase. A thick veil will hide many details on the back of your dress from view, so make sure that’s front of mind when considering how thick you’d like your veil.


When it comes to selecting your veil colour, it’s important to try and match it as closely as possible to your dress.

Keep in mind that colours may differ when photographed, so don’t rely on a photo of your dress to match the veil, instead try on a veil with your dress if in the same store, or bring along a swatch to help you along the way.


Not every hairstyle is a match made in heaven for veils so put some considering into how you’re expecting to wear your hair on the big day as this can dictate the style and placement of your veil.

If you’ve purchased your veil take it along to your trial appointment with your hairdresser so you can work together to work out the perfect hairstyle to compliment your veil.


Another thing to consider is how prominently you wish your veil to feature in your wedding photos. Veils sitting high on your head will be more noticeable in photographs than those sitting low, which tend to get lost behind the dress so keep this in mind.

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