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Locks to love

By Emma Carinci 12 April 2017

There are a few things a bride can do in the lead-up to her wedding day to ensure she has the healthiest locks possible, according to Shepparton’s Hair Central’s owner Emma Thomson.

Ms Thomson suggested brides begin having regular trims every six to eight weeks in the lead-up to their wedding day.

She also suggested they used an at-home moisturising treatment on their hair once a week to give it shine, strength and health. In general, a bride should also be protecting her hair by using a heat-protecting product whenever she used a heat appliance on her hair.

When it comes to colouring hair, Ms Thomson said a bride should make any big changes about six months prior to the wedding to allow for time to change it if necessary

If a bride wishes to have a hair trial, Ms Thomson suggests she has it three weeks before the wedding, and just before a dress fitting so the bride can see what it looks like all together.

A bride should have her last colour treatment and trim about one week to 10 days before the wedding day, according to Ms Thomson.

When it comes to washing hair before a wedding day, Ms Thomson said she preferred brides washed their hair the night before, then blow-waved it dry with minimal use of hair products.

These steps will give your hair stylist the best hair to work with on the morning of your wedding.

Ms Thomson said at present brides were moving away from messy looks in preference of neat and elegant styles like chignon buns and waves. 

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